female bodies have traditionally been used as a reclaim to sell all sorts of products and services, appearing over represented in media, largely sexualised from a very early age however often censored whenever they don't conform to mainstream beauty standards or are not displayed to pleasure a potential male consumer;

with the ultimate form of censorship being the suppression of the 'female nipple', particularly extended in social media regardless of the context or original purpose of the image, the persistence of cancelling a certain natural part of the female anatomy (something that doesn't apply when represented as male) as an extension of  women, symbolizes an attempt to reduce female representation to nothing else than a visual object;

by manipulating a series of images found through different online sources, from breastfeeding articles to erotic movies, in order to invert the criteria for censoring images displaying female nipples, I invite the viewer to reflect in the absurdity of the act of censorship of the female body so much extended in a broader sense

visual project
     work in progress

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