[Residual: what remains, waste, something left over as a remainder. Residual image: afterimage, persistence of a previous image on a screen.]

A layered succession of places, materials and subjects from which merely what is in the surface can be interpreted. Responding intuitively to the memory of those elements, in connection with the found traces, I create my own interpretation of the history behind them.

Filmed during my time at Aroundless Arts Residency, the images were documented as part of an evolving exploration on the theme of Memory in connection with the space, as an emotional response to the places, people and the isolated clues I found.

Originally conceived as a site-specific video installation, the images were screened in a continuous loop onto found objects that, displaced from their original context, invited the viewer to reflect on the complexity of the memory, and how individual/specific events can become universal, whereas collective experiences are transformed into personal interpretations.

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